Court rulings

In California, Uncertainty on Immigrant Student Tuition

Appeals court finds that in extending lower resident tuition rates to undocumented students, state "thwarts" Congress's intent.

One for the Little Guy

Federal appeals court sides with student loan borrower in bankruptcy fight with the country's biggest loan guarantee agency.

From Plaintiff to Donor

Anthropologist who brought landmark sexual discrimination suit against Brown U. in the late '70s gives $1 million to the institution she once fought.

The Newest Trademark? College Colors

Apparel company's t-shirts that mimicked college teams' colors violated federal law, U.S. appeals court rules.

Professor Wins Chance to Clear Name

Appeals court says Ohio U. officials must defend decision to strip graduate rank from an engineering faculty member and give him a public hearing; case emerged from plagiarism controversy.

Supreme Court Keeps Title IX Plaintiffs' Options Open

In recent years, some federal courts -- at the urging of lawyers for educational institutions and administrators charged with sex discrimination and other alleged wrongdoing, and to the dismay of advocates for women's rights -- have embraced the notion that students or employees who sue under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 should not also have the ability to sue under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

EEOC Can Sue Public University, Court Rules

Federal appeals panel says 11th amendment immunity protects state institution from direct age bias suit by former employee -- but not from claim by U.S. agency on worker's behalf.

U.S. Appeals Court Rules for Tenure Rights

Judges reverse decision that applied unusual Puerto Rico law to limit ability of a professor to challenge an unfair dismissal.

Protection for For-Profit Colleges

Federal appeals court's ruling highlights use (mainly by career-related institutions) of clauses requiring students to pursue complaints through arbitration instead of the legal system.

$4 Million Verdict Against Penn Upheld

State appeals court backs ruling that university dissed professor who operated successful dental clinic -- and excoriates Penn for lawyers' behavior.


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