Court rulings

Supreme Court declines appeal on religious groups at public university


U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear appeal of Christian fraternity and sorority denied recognition by San Diego State University.

Supreme Court upholds "ministerial exception"

U.S. Supreme Court ruling may make it more difficult for some employees to sue religious colleges.

New Round on Affirmative Action

Appeals court vacates decision that invalidated 2006 vote in Michigan. Full court will reconsider challenge to ban on consideration of race in admissions.

The Footnote Judges Ignore

The American Association of University Professors is trying once again to get federal judges to pay attention to a footnote.

For-Profits and the False Claims Act

Developments in two whistleblower lawsuits raise prospect that commercial colleges could face more U.S. pressure in the courts.

Split Decision in Title IX Case

U.S. judge finds that California-Davis did not discriminate against female wrestlers 10 years ago -- but that it broke the law because number of female athletes declined while they were in college.

Costly Mistake

A week after being admonished in court for a procedural error that may have warranted a mistrial, the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced Monday that it would bear the brunt of settling a lawsuit filed last year by Rick Neuheisel, former football coach at the University of Washington. The settlement, worth a total of $4.5 million, came as closing arguments were due to begin in a five-week jury trial.

Transfer of Liability

A foundation created by Western Kentucky University to manage its dormitories does not have the university's immunity from lawsuits, a Kentucky appeals court ruled Friday.

The ruling sends a lawsuit against the foundation back to a lower court for additional hearings, and the ruling could complicate the arrangements some public colleges have set up with foundations or related entities to manage some of their operations.

Partially Open Records

A New York court requires Cornell to make public some documents related to one of its state funded colleges.

Unseal the Books

Iowa Supreme Court rules that state open-records laws apply to a public university's foundation.


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