Court rulings

Supreme Court Rules Against File Sharing Companies

Students are major users of downloading software that justices say entertainment companies can sue over.

Too Private for Its Own Good

Federal appeals court rules that Penn official can be sued for comments made during university's grievance process.

The Union Election That Might Not Count

George Washington U. contests results of part-timers' vote to unionize, provoking outcry from adjuncts.

Conceding Defeat at Shorter

Trustees acknowledge that their fight to stay independent is over and Georgia Baptist Convention will regain control.

Lost Cause at Vanderbilt

University concedes defeat in its bid to remove the word "Confederate" from the name on a building.

A Bush Choice With College Ties

The president's pick for the Supreme Court spent years working as a lawyer for colleges and for the NCAA.

Anti-Catholic or Just Art?

Washburn U. statue of church figure did not violate Constitution, federal appeals panel concludes.

Florida's Faculty Free-for-All

When Florida overhauled its higher education system to shift power from the State Board of Regents to boards of trustees at individual campuses in 2003, it invalidated the employment contract between the regents and the statewide union that represented 10,000 professors, throwing academic labor relations into disarray.

Block That Spam

Public universities can reject junk e-mail without violating the First Amendment, federal appeals court rules.

Clearing the Way for Disability Claims

Appeals court says state immunity does not protect universities in Texas and Louisiana from federal lawsuits.


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