Parents of slain University of Utah student sue under Title IX

A lawsuit from the parents of a murdered University of Utah student alleges that the institution's police force was biased by not taking action after their daughter reported continual stalking and abuse by her ex-boyfriend.

Johns Hopkins students escalate sit-in over proposed campus police force

Johns Hopkins students are refusing to leave administration building until officials cancel plans to form an armed police force. Activists are worried about the potential for racial profiling.

'Oregonian' reports on cases of Saudi students accused of crimes fleeing U.S. justice

The Oregonian reports on a series of cases in which Saudi students at U.S. colleges were accused of crimes but disappeared before facing U.S. criminal charges. Two senators introduce legislation calling for investigation of Saudi government's role.

Slain University of Utah student asked campus police for help multiple times with no results

University of Utah student told campus police officers multiple times she was worried about repeated, harassing text messages from ex-boyfriend. They did little to help her, and he murdered her, on campus. Experts say the tragedy points to the need for colleges to do more about domestic violence.

Former Michigan State president charged with lying to police in Nassar case

Lou Anna K. Simon has been accused of lying to police in the investigation of Larry Nassar.

New Stanford Prison Experiment revelations question findings

The 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment has long been considered a window into the horrors ordinary people can inflict on one another, but new interviews with participants and reconsideration of archival records shed more light on the findings.

California Supreme Court rules public colleges must protect students in education-related activities

California Supreme Court has determined public colleges in the state must warn and shield their students from potential violent acts. Experts say the ruling could have nationwide implications.

College students join gun-reform walkout nationwide

College students around the country protested one month after the deadly Florida school shooting.

Inside a death row inmate's campaign for prison-education reform

Prison education programs are often aimed at reducing recidivism and helping prisoners find careers once they’re no longer behind bars. So what happens when a prisoner doesn’t have a release date?

Northwestern professor, Oxford employee wanted for murder

Chicago police are searching for Northwestern professor and Oxford employee, charged with murder and considered armed and dangerous.


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