Former Michigan State president charged with lying to police in Nassar case

Lou Anna K. Simon has been accused of lying to police in the investigation of Larry Nassar.

New Stanford Prison Experiment revelations question findings

The 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment has long been considered a window into the horrors ordinary people can inflict on one another, but new interviews with participants and reconsideration of archival records shed more light on the findings.

California Supreme Court rules public colleges must protect students in education-related activities

California Supreme Court has determined public colleges in the state must warn and shield their students from potential violent acts. Experts say the ruling could have nationwide implications.

College students join gun-reform walkout nationwide

College students around the country protested one month after the deadly Florida school shooting.

Inside a death row inmate's campaign for prison-education reform

Prison education programs are often aimed at reducing recidivism and helping prisoners find careers once they’re no longer behind bars. So what happens when a prisoner doesn’t have a release date?

Northwestern professor, Oxford employee wanted for murder

Chicago police are searching for Northwestern professor and Oxford employee, charged with murder and considered armed and dangerous.

Ohio is site of next showdown over campus carry

Faculty groups urge governor to veto legislation that could effectively end gun bans. Recent incident at Ohio State complicates debate.

Student injures 11 people in knife, car attack at Ohio State

University police officer shoots and kills student who drove into a crowd and then started attacking people with a butcher knife.

Valencia College finds seven of its students among Orlando dead

For a community college in Orlando, the losses are beyond what many can imagine.

Apparent murder-suicide at UCLA reflects a kind of violence that is rare but feared

Apparent murder of a professor follows a day of terror on campus and reflects a kind of violence that is rare but feared.


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