In U Miami announcement on Cuba, some see an outsized role for outside groups


After meeting with hardline, anti-Castro leaders, University of Miami says it won't enter into institutional agreements with Cuba. But what do faculty members think?

Amid Trump's comments, Castro's death, uncertain climate for U.S.-Cuba exchanges


Trump’s comments on possibly undoing U.S.-Cuba “deal” in wake of Fidel Castro’s death cast uncertainty about future of educational exchanges with island nation, which have been on the rise.

U.S.-Cuba announcement will have implications for higher ed


Obama's announcement on resumption of diplomatic relations also broadens the kinds of educational travel that may now be possible.

Obama Eases Cuba Rules

President lifts Bush regulations that have decimated American colleges' academic programs in the country.

Return to Cuba

In wake of eased restrictions, international educators discuss the merits of restarting academic programs in Cuba.
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