Colleges explore a new three-year bachelor’s degree program

Higher education thought leaders and colleges are working together to create a three-year bachelor’s degree program that will offer all the value of a four-year degree—for less cost.


Nebraska's critical race theory debate

State’s governor says university regents should oppose discussions of structural racism and suggests censure by professors’ group is an “honor.”


Legislating against critical race theory, with curricular implications in some states

More than a dozen states considered or passed legislation targeting critical race theory this year. How has this academic concept become so politicized?


U of Vermont faculty members pledge to fight planned cuts to liberal arts

University of Vermont says announced cuts to the liberal arts are happening. The faculty says otherwise. The bigger story: how universities are seizing on COVID-19 to push through long-desired curricular and staffing reforms.


Adding ethnic studies into college curricula has long been controversial, but is this moment different?


As ethnic studies requirements are put in place in California, capping years of struggle, educators discuss why it's important to talk about race in the classroom.


Jersey City economic development drives changes at Saint Peter's University

Saint Peter's administrators believe students benefit when an institution has mutual economic interests with its host city. As a result, the university is aligning its strategic plan with Jersey City.


Institutions introduce undergraduate degree programs in esports

Supporters of Ohio State plan to create undergraduate degree program in esports believe it will produce versatile and employable graduates for fast-growing gaming industry. Opponents say gaming as a scholarly pursuit has no place in academe.


Advanced Placement: where it’s been and where it’s going

In an upcoming book, Chester Finn Jr. and Andrew Scanlan of the Fordham Institute analyze the College Board’s most prosperous program, including which students it’s helping and hurting.

Guilford College is changing the way it does most everything

Guilford College is changing the way it does most everything in an effort to stem its enrollment decline. But officials say it is also leaning in to its mission.


Google IT certificate program expands as more community colleges sign on

To bolster expanding online IT certificate program, Google plans to add career resources for students and to expand its community college partnerships and pathways to four-year degrees.


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