Easing the Copyright Challenge

Permissions center partners with Blackboard to help professors gain approval as they build their online courses.

Minor Additions

Rice contemplates minors that would expand offerings, and perhaps limit pressure on students to accumulate multiple majors.

Another Attack on Evolution

Berkeley sued over Web site created by professors to help high school teachers.

Red Hot China

Study of the country and its language is booming at U.S. colleges -- and changes in high schools may swell enrollments further.

Choosing the Core

New plan for general education at Harvard would put many of the selections in students' hands.

The Evolving Ethnic Studies Classroom

Professors call for a broader view of their programs -- and consider how to reach "resistant" white students.

Measuring the Pulse of Liberal Education

Colleges need better tools to figure out if they are making a difference, study finds

Under the Robes of Clerical Education

Study finds seminaries of many faiths face new educational challenges -- and new diversity among students.

Graduated but Not Literate

Fewer than a third of college degree recipients are "proficient" in everyday literacy, U.S. study finds, and rate is falling.

Flexibility Required

Ohio State and UT-Austin -- 2 of the largest universities in U.S. -- may revamp requirements with theme-based sequences.


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