University of Southern Maine student Nathan Henry, a young white man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and backward baseball cap, receives a nasal swab from a health-care worker wearing blue protective gear during COVID-19 testing.
Jan 06, 2023
Bachelor’s programs in public health have surpassed master’s degrees in popularity. What does that mean for a field that desperately needs more workers?


August 6, 2021
If more students were exposed to the critical practices they utilize, they’d be better equipped to engage in pressing conversations about race, identity, culture, class and the like, writes A. D. Carson.
August 3, 2021
Many students, regardless of political ideology, aren’t learning about the state of human progress or developing the type of mind-set needed to continue it, write Clay Routledge and John Bitzan.
August 2, 2021
Grounding in an accurate and complete American history -- of which race is a central component -- is the basis for a common understanding on which a democracy is built, Harvey J. Graff argues.
July 28, 2021
State’s governor says university regents should oppose discussions of structural racism and suggests censure by professors’ group is an “honor.”
June 23, 2021
More students of color may be getting degrees, but we need to find ways to open all degree options to all students, argues Alanna Gillis.
June 9, 2021
More than a dozen states considered or passed legislation targeting critical race theory this year. How has this academic concept become so politicized?  
January 26, 2021
The current approach to training and education in criminal justice needs to change, and the humanities must play a vital role, Dara N. Byrne and Annie W. Bezbatchenko argue.
January 22, 2021
To achieve greater equity, community colleges must bridge the divide between noncredit and credit programs, Matthew Gandal argues.
December 7, 2020
University of Vermont says announced cuts to the liberal arts are happening. The faculty says otherwise. The bigger story: how universities are seizing on COVID-19 to push through long-desired curricular and staffing reforms.
October 28, 2020
In educational institutions today, students must grapple with real life-and-death decisions, writes Rita Kirk.


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