New Programs: Simulation, Nursing, Oil

  • Arizona State University is starting a Ph.D. in simulation, modeling and applied cognitive science.
  • Kent State University is starting a doctorate of nursing practice degree.
  • Laredo Community College is starting a certificate on the oil and gas industry.
  • New Programs: Accounting, Homeland Security, Technology Policy, Sustainability

  • Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is starting a master of accountancy program.
  • Montgomery County Community College, in Pennsylvania, has added a homeland security concentration as part of its associate of applied science degree in criminal justice and emergency management and planning.
  • Stevens Institute of Technology is starting
  • How to Train Your Draconian

    During a talk to governors, Bill Gates might have sharpened the ax for politicians thinking of cutting humanities programs.

    New Programs: Social Work, Law, Business

  • Fordham University is starting on online master's degree in social work.
  • Loyola University Chicago has started an L.L.M. program in the rule of law for development.
  • Skimming the Surface

    Study of freshman research papers suggests students don't really understand the sources they cite.

    New Programs: Animal Advocacy, Design, Statistics, Media and Games

  • Hudson Valley Community College is starting a certificate program in animal advocacy.
  • School of Visual Arts is starting an M.F.A.
  • New Programs: Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Aquaculture, Robotics, Product Innovation

  • Excelsior College has added a bachelor of science in electrical engineering technology.
  • Georgetown and George Mason Universities are starting a joint M.S.
  • 'Tea' Author in Hot Water

    Greg Mortenson’s books about school-building and education in Afghanistan and Pakistan have made him a regular presence on college campuses, with his book Three Cups of Tea picked as a “common reading” book for many freshmen and the author promoting his particular brand of humanitarianism and pacifism in dozens of speeches a year.

    But questions raised Sunday by CBS’s “60 Minutes” about the veracity of his story and the management of a foundation that grew from his work have some of the campuses re-evaluating their plans to recognize or feature Mortenson and his books.

    A Stab at Deflating Grades

    Faculty at U. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill backs plan to put students' (and professors') grades in context.

    Who Decides on Transfer Credit?

    CUNY plan would make it easier for community college students to earn bachelor's degrees at four-year institutions, but many faculty members at senior colleges say changes infringe on their curricular role.


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