Who Decides on Transfer Credit?

CUNY plan would make it easier for community college students to earn bachelor's degrees at four-year institutions, but many faculty members at senior colleges say changes infringe on their curricular role.

Should Teaching Be Outsourced?

Two universities sign deals to let outside group teach journalism courses online, setting up debate over faculty roles.

New Programs: Security, Art History, Nuclear Medicine, Engineering Management

  • Butler Community College is starting an associate degree for Transportation Security Administration officials who want to advance their careers.
  • Columbus State University is starting a bachelor of arts in art history.
  • Misericordia University is starting a certificate program in nuclear medicine technology.
  • Pennsylvania State University is star
  • Decline of 'Western Civ'?

    Survey courses in "Western Civilization," once a common component of undergraduate curriculums, have almost disappeared as a requirement at many large private research universities and public flagships, according to a study released Wednesday by the National Association of Scholars.

    New Programs: Environmental Policy, Health Sciences, Health Management, Computer Science

  • Bard College is starting a master's program in environmental policy for people returning from service in the Peace Corps.
  • California Baptist University is starting five bachelor of science programs in the health sciences: in clinical health science, communication disorders, health education, health-care administration and pre-physical therapy.
  • Socrates in Spanish

    Georgetown College in Kentucky will attempt what may well be a first: a postsecondary foreign language immersion option for its general education courses.

    Other Departments' Business

    Universities will develop better business professionals if they do a better job of integrating components of a liberal arts education into business school curriculums, argues a new report by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

    New Programs: Nursing, Law Enforcement, Leadership, Ecology, Sexuality

  • Fayetteville State University is starting a bachelor of science degree in nursing.
  • Mohawk Valley Community College is starting a nine-month program, in conjunction with the Oneida County Policy Department, to offer pre-employment training to prospective police officers, as an alternative to police academy training.
  • St.
  • Teaching Them How to Think

    Assessment need not be a dirty word, an RPI prof tells faculty colleagues; when embraced, it can drive better teaching.

    New Programs: Wellness, Nanotechnology, Environmental Studies, Homeland Security


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