Ethics Rules and Corporate Gifts

Public institutions feel a pinch as the state of Connecticut tightens regulations governing donations by companies.

The Rich on the Rise in Endowments

Endowments continue steady growth, especially at wealthy universities that have the means to invest in hedge funds.

Corporate Research Support Rebounds

After a three-year decline, industry backing for academic science and engineering fields reaches all-time high of $2.3 billion.

Tuition Runs Out Today

Albright College raises awareness of the true cost of education by citing role of donors in subsidizing a third of the academic year.

Private Giving to Colleges Soars

Alumni, foundations and companies gave record $28 billion in 2006, up 9.4 percent over 2005

A Campus for the Arts in Georgia

Columbus State U.'s new downtown branch distinctive in terms of private support, urban revitalization and investment in the fine arts.

Too Good to Be True?

University of the Ozarks sues life insurance companies over a failed fund raising program for alumni and donors.

Alumni Donations Aren't Just Altruism

Conventional wisdom has it that if an alumnus wants to help his kids’ chances of getting into the old alma mater, he should step up his contributions to the college for a few years before a child mails out an application.

Countercultural and Alive

Demise of Antioch College points to challenges facing progressive colleges -- and strategies used by some to thrive.

'Envisioning Black Colleges'

"A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste." That phrase has for decades been associated with the United Negro College Fund, which supports private black colleges. But the phrase is much more widely known than the history of the UNCF.


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