Portrait of the College CFO

Quality of life and influence in the institution matter most to chief financial officers -- far more than pay, survey finds.

A College By Any Other Name

To some at the University of Iowa, the corporate whiff of a potential "Wellmark College of Public Health" might be too much.

Second Thoughts on Fund Raising Targets

As campaign targets grow and accountability measures proliferate, is development headed in the wrong direction?

Building on a Budget

In search of funds, colleges promote their projects as being part of larger mission or vision.

Iowa Faculty Reconsider What's in a Name

Earlier this month, professors at the University of Iowa decided that they'd rather not work at the "Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield College of Public Health" -- even if it meant potentially losing a donation of $15 million, which the insurance company's nonprofit philanthropic arm promptly rescinded.

Positive Financial Assessment of Private Colleges

Citing endowment returns and strong student demand, Standard & Poor's reports continued strength in college and university bond ratings.

New Watchdog for Donors

New center plans to link philanthropists with colleges that share their vision, but some fund raisers aren't certain about the need for more scrutiny.

The Changing Community College President

At Virginia's Lord Fairfax Community College -- and 2-year colleges all over -- a newfound focus on alumni affairs and fund raising is changing the job description.

Aiming Higher

Boston U. plans to spend $1.8 billion to raise its stature among research universities. The money will help, but will the university advance only if its competitors stand still?

'Fundamentally Inconsistent' With University Values

Organizers of the Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Fund hoped to turn their new program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign into a Hoover Institution of the Midwest, a model for getting more free market ideals and ideological diversity into major research universities.


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