Community colleges expand outreach to alumni

With budget cuts leaving many of them with shortfalls, some community colleges are dedicating new attention to staying connected to their graduates.

Survey shows slight increase in contributions to colleges

Increase only marginally exceeds rate of inflation, survey finds.

Bucknell receives gift inspired by handling of score reporting scandal

Donors impressed by Bucknell's handling of a scandal give university its third-largest gift.

Colleges worry over proposed changes to charitable deduction

Colleges, fearing reductions in charitable giving, argue strongly against Republican proposals to limit deductions.

University of Dundee's unusual approach to raising money for mortuary

University of Dundee -- with help from crime writers -- has an unusual approach to raising money for a teaching mortuary.


Oxford faces questions over deal with L’Oréal

Oxford denies that its deal with L'Oréal endangers academic freedom, but an "unfortunately phrased" job description leaves some skeptical.

Georgetown, Case Western, Rochester campaigns signal return of big fund-raising

After 3 years during which many colleges were cautious on fund-raising goals, 3 universities roll out campaigns of at least $1 billion in October, a vote of confidence in an uncertain philanthropy environment.

The Fund-Raiser Is Your Friend


Many professors are wary of their campuses’ development offices. In the debut of a new column, Elizabeth H. Simmons explains how successful interactions can help the faculty and the institution alike.

Mixed Verdict on Koch Grant

Florida State finds nothing inappropriate in two faculty hires, but says pact with foundation could have led to "undue outside influence."

Themselves to Blame?

Fund-raisers are told that they are asking too little of young alumni, while focusing too much on U.S. News -- to their institutions' detriment.


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