Transfer of Liability

A foundation created by Western Kentucky University to manage its dormitories does not have the university's immunity from lawsuits, a Kentucky appeals court ruled Friday.

The ruling sends a lawsuit against the foundation back to a lower court for additional hearings, and the ruling could complicate the arrangements some public colleges have set up with foundations or related entities to manage some of their operations.

A Good Year for Endowments

Colleges did very well in 2004, with an average return of 15.1 percent; the greatest gains were made by institutions that were already wealthy.

No Need for a Gold Watch

The manager of Harvard's mammoth endowment, his millions in compensation under attack, heads for the private sector.

Endowment Growth Projected to Slow

Standard & Poor's predicts 2005 returns will be positive but lower than in 2004.

Tainted Gift at Washington

Federal prosecutors charge major donor to Washington & Jefferson with fraud in connection with $500,000 contribution to the college. 

Donor Reportedly Endowed a Chair -- and Filled It

Florida A&M faces controversy over million-dollar gift to its law school.

Lost Cause at Vanderbilt

University concedes defeat in its bid to remove the word "Confederate" from the name on a building.

Seton Hall Drops Name of Donor/Felon

Dennis Kozlowski, the Tyco executive whose spending landed him in court, is no longer honored on campus buildings.

American U. President Placed on Leave

Board acts amid reports of lavish spending of university funds.

Shallower Pockets

With research revenues and donations down, Case Western Reserve came up a little short.


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