Building Up College Towns

Universities with varying budgets look to mixed-use developments off campus to attract students and professors. 

BMW Professors

Auto company not only finances exceptionally lucrative endowed chairs at Clemson, but interviews all finalists.

Defaulting Donor

Executive who promised millions to three dental colleges reneges, forcing students to find money to pay tuition.

Silver Spoon Admissions

Naming names (not to mention GPA's and SAT scores), new book takes on preferences for the rich and famous -- and alumni children.

Institutional Leadership 101

Trustees' association releases report that outlines best practices for college presidents and trustees.

Endowment Envy

In last 2 weeks, 4 universities announced campaigns to raise at least $3 billion each. Those institutions will gain. Will higher education?

If They Build It ...

Florida Atlantic hopes new stadium project will draw fans and new students, but critics say it could be chasing a dream.

Can a Start-Up College Revive a City?

In Harrisburg, Pa., public funds help a private college attract minority students to science fields.

Frayed Relationships

A new book says foundations and educational institutions don't always see each other in the best light -- but both sides want better cooperation.

Fund Raising First and Foremost

Board ousts president who revived St. Andrews Presbyterian College, favoring chief who focuses even more on development.


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