Digital Humanities

New report offers analysis of microcredential completers

A new report looks at those who earn microcredentials, who are, on the whole, well educated, international, employed. Are the programs accomplishing what advocates thought they would?

Arizona State sees some early adaptive courseware success

Arizona State has seen some early success implementing adaptive courseware in algebra classes.

When digital humanities meets activism

Rapidly produced and highly topical digital humanities projects are challenging perceptions of the field.


Classicist finds herself the target of online threats after article on ancient statues

Professor’s essay about the original color of classical statues is mocked by conservative websites -- and then she receives online threats.


Article criticizes impact of digital humanities on colleges

Controversial article argues digital humanities scholars are -- intentionally or not -- leading a "neoliberal takeover" of colleges and universities.


In evaluating digital humanities, enthusiasm may outpace best practices

Digital Humanities

Language and literature scholars have embraced technology in their research, but can they win tenure on it?


New report investigates changes to humanities

By some measures, the humanities are in decline. By others, their death has been overstated. A new report offers some data from before the pandemic.


Colleges start new online programs in sign language studies, cybersecurity, emergency management, military history, nursing, public health

The new degrees and certificates are in American Sign Language studies, cybersecurity, emergency management, military history, nursing and public health.

A playbook for creating a data-informed campus culture (opinion)

Having a data-informed culture is essential in today's era of financial challenge and accountability. Darren Catalano offers advice on how to get there.

Universities urged to save media collections before it’s too late

Irreplaceable audio and video recordings from the 20th century are languishing in university collections, deteriorating. Can they be saved?



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