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College bookstores group opposes Cengage-McGraw merger

Planned pricing changes by academic publisher Cengage have not gone down well with the National Association of College Stores.

Professors, colleges and companies struggle to make digital courseware accessible

High-tech instructional materials are gaining popularity with instructors, but they can be problematic for students with disabilities. Colleges and publishers say there’s no easy fix.

Q&A with Derek Bruff, author of 'Intentional Tech'

A new book offers advice for instructors looking to further integrate technology in their classrooms.

David Wiley steps down and adjourns the Open Education Conference

This year's Open Education Conference had more attendees than ever before. Why is it ending after 16 years, and what does its demise mean for the cause?

A window of opportunity for alternative textbook providers

As major textbook publishers grapple with new strategic directions, alternative providers focused on lower-cost materials seize the opportunity to grow their market share.

Interview with IBM official about the company's 'new-collar' push to look beyond college degrees

The tech company is looking for different ways to fill “new-collar” jobs in its 360,000-employee workforce by adding digital badges and apprenticeships and deepening partnerships with community colleges.

Four-year-college leaders not feeling ready for the future

Survey of four-year-college leaders finds they lack confidence in their institutions' ability to adapt -- and aren't planning ahead in ways that would ensure success.

Administrators are neither engaged nor knowledgeable about digital learning, survey finds

College IT officials don't believe campus leaders are particularly informed or engaged in digital learning, new survey results suggest.

Google expands IT certificate program to 100 community colleges

Google's IT support certificate course will now be offered at 100 community colleges. Here's how administrations have been using it so far.

Ashford University could be sold to nonprofit university

Several large nonprofit universities have expressed interest in purchasing for-profit Ashford University, potentially following the controversial playbook of the 2017 takeover of Kaplan by Purdue.


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