Digital Learning

University of Michigan invests $50 million in academic innovation

The University of Michigan will create a new center to develop tools that can improve learning both online and in the classroom.

How marketing helped Southern New Hampshire University make it big online

TV ads helped Southern New Hampshire University become a household name, but with mounting competition and increased scrutiny of spending, getting to the top -- and staying there -- isn't easy.


Coursera offers full course catalog to subscribing universities

The online provider is offering licenses to universities so they can access the company's full course catalog.

Rio Salado's national division targets "education deserts"

Rio Salado College's national division targets "education deserts" around the country. Can that strategy work?

Academic librarians should have same access to professors that textbook reps do (opinion)

Publishers’ sales teams can freely visit professors on many campuses. Steven J. Bell asks, shouldn't academic librarians promoting alternatives have easy access to the faculty, too?

Arizona State changes course on global freshman academy

ASU's for-credit MOOC experiment with edX didn’t meet expectations for completion or certification. The university has quietly moved in a new direction.

Century Foundation calls for colleges to "take control" of outsourced online programs

Century Foundation urges colleges to "take control" back from online program management companies with report that criticizes revenue sharing with OPMs.

Online graduate program will defer half of tuition, charge no interest and make repayment income based

Online nursing program will defer half of tuition, charge no interest and make repayment based on income. Questions abound.

Will transparency ward off regulation for online program management companies?

Online program management companies are feeling the heat. 2U, the sector's most visible player, hopes releasing significant data about finances and outcomes will make help make their case.

Researcher seeks to clarify the messy conversation around online cost and quality

Asked to explain how they balance financial and academic considerations, administrators and professors say quality is key but struggle to define it.


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