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Boston U's new online M.B.A. is less expensive than, and different from, on-campus program

Boston University's new online business degree is $24,000 for a reason. Unlike on-campus program, it has no electives and is aimed at a different audience.

London School of Economics to start 2U's first undergraduate degree program

London School of Economics and its parent university will create a fully online data science degree. Program, priced at $20,000, is 2U's first foray into the bachelor's degree market.

Bad day for 2U highlights vulnerability of online program management companies

After online program management company 2U talked openly about its challenges, the company’s stock plummeted. Analysts say the company, and others like it, are down but not out.

California acts to fix issue threatening U.S. aid to thousands of online students

State officials set up complaint process for students enrolled at out-of-state public and nonprofit colleges -- but Education Department won't confirm the fix will actually work.

Cengage and McGraw-Hill merger faces growing opposition

Concerned about limited purchasing options and potential price increases, students and consumer groups challenge the proposed merger of two major textbook publishers.

Dispute over federal rules on state authorization imperils thousands of California students

Years-long fight over federal rules governing state standards for online education could imperil standing of tens of thousands of students.

Perspectives from the field on Amazon's big-dollar entry into training workers

The retailer is pouring $700 million into worker training -- mostly through its own programs. We asked some experts on postsecondary education and training to assess whether Amazon's initiative is threat or boon to higher education.

Amazon, Google and other tech companies expand their postsecondary credential offerings

Amazon moves deeper into offering postsecondary credentials, following Google and other big employers, but largely bypasses traditional colleges with the expanded training options.

Pearson goes all in on digital-first strategy for textbooks

The company will abandon its traditional textbook publishing model in favor of a digital-first strategy. Print books will still be available, but students will be encouraged to rent rather than buy.

Study: Lecture capture reduces attendance, but students value it

Study finds students are modestly less likely to come to class when lectures are recorded, but the videos bolster their learning.


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