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Amazon, Google and other tech companies expand their postsecondary credential offerings

Amazon moves deeper into offering postsecondary credentials, following Google and other big employers, but largely bypasses traditional colleges with the expanded training options.

Pearson goes all in on digital-first strategy for textbooks

The company will abandon its traditional textbook publishing model in favor of a digital-first strategy. Print books will still be available, but students will be encouraged to rent rather than buy.

Study: Lecture capture reduces attendance, but students value it

Study finds students are modestly less likely to come to class when lectures are recorded, but the videos bolster their learning.

Ohio community college raises questions by enrolling large numbers of non-Ohio students

Ohio's Eastern Gateway Community College draws scrutiny from lawmakers for working with an OPM to rapidly grow online enrollment of out-of-state students.

Bringing "small" teaching into the online classroom

Author of new book explains how she has adapted James Lang's principles for the virtual classroom, to help online instructors produce better learning.

Google IT certificate program expands as more community colleges sign on

To bolster expanding online IT certificate program, Google plans to add career resources for students and to expand its community college partnerships and pathways to four-year degrees.

New partnership between SUNY and Lumen aims to take open educational resources to scale

State University of New York system strikes deal with Lumen Learning to expand and fill gaps in systemwide platform to deliver open educational resources free to students.

One Catholic university turns to another for help marketing its online program

A university with a rich history in online learning offers its services to a peer striving to expand the reach of a master's program.

Apple winds down iTunes U

Apple’s app for sharing university lectures was an important precursor to the MOOC movement, but the future of iTunes U doesn’t look bright.

U.S. settlements with two Christian universities test limits of incentive compensation rules

Justice Department settlements with two Christian universities pull back curtain on confusion over incentive compensation rules -- and raise questions about how they are enforced.


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