Digital Learning

New U.S. data show continued growth in college students studying online

New federal data show continued (and accelerating) growth in online course taking in 2016, even as overall college enrollments were flat or falling. Big gainers: Western Governors and Arizona State. Big losers: the big for-profits.

Blackboard gaining back some ground; observers are cautious

Officials say investments in tech support and enhancements have improved the client experience, but observers are cautious about the LMS's future.

Academics push to expand use of AI in higher ed teaching and learning

A growing number of academics are experimenting with new technologies powered by artificial intelligence, but many of the technologies aren't yet ready for prime time.

The role of the faculty in the post-LMS world (opinion)

If it isn’t already, the learning management system will soon be obsolete, Jonathan Rees argues. Let’s replace it in ways that treat professors like the professionals they are.

Learning engineers pose challenges and opportunities for improving digital learning

What is a learning engineer, and how is it different from other roles?

This week's digital learning news in 'Inside Higher Ed'

Topics include: Analysis of nondegree credentials; blocking streaming sites in lecture halls; a community college's successful industry certifications.

Online instructors can learn from new openly licensed materials

Some online instructors use open educational resources to help students connect to the learning material. Now those instructors can turn to OER for their own edification, thanks to a new set of openly licensed materials aimed at helping instructors construct online classes.

Updates to CWiC Framework accessibility standards, other features

A suite of resources designed to help institutions make sense of the digital courseware market is getting a refresh this semester to strengthen its standards on accessibility and offer more road maps for institutions seeking technology solutions.

Laptops and smartphones in class prohibited campuswide at small New York college

Faculty members at one small college think a formal policy restricting personal technology use in the classroom will cut down on distractions and improve learning.

Report explores the quickly evolving landscape of alternative credentials and pathways

Inside Higher Ed report explores the exploding array of certificates, apprenticeships and microcredentials that colleges and companies are creating to improve the intersection between education and work, over a lifetime.


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