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With their industry under scrutiny, OPM leaders ponder their role

Leaders of companies colleges hire to take academic programs online discuss their role, the scrutiny they're facing and why we should call them something other than OPMs.

Wiley buys Knewton, an adaptive learning technology company

After failing to live up to the expectations it (self-)generated, the adaptive learning company Knewton goes out not with a bang but with a whimper.

Cengage and McGraw-Hill merge

Cengage and McGraw-Hill Education will combine to create one giant education publisher focused on digital content. Observers aren’t convinced that’s a good thing for students.

Report gauges potential risks to scholars and universities if publishers capture research and student data

Analysis commissioned by advocacy group documents how major companies' business strategies could help them lock up research and learning data that colleges and scholars need.

Students call for investigation of Arizona State partnership with Cengage

When an Arizona State professor accused the university of an unethical partnership with Cengage, the university denied it received grants from the company. But there was a financial relationship that wasn't revealed at the time. Students seek more details.

MIT and 8 other universities partner on shared digital credential infrastructure

Nine universities in five countries are working together to create a shared infrastructure for digital academic credentials.

Notre Dame and Holy Cross partner for pipeline from bachelor's to online data science master's

Bachelor's students at Holy Cross can enroll simultaneously in a data science master's program at Notre Dame. Administrators see such collaborations as integral to the future of traditional colleges.

Expert roundup: What Kevin Carey got right and wrong about OPMs and online pricing

The think tank analyst's essay largely blames online corporate enablers for the fact that the prices of online programs haven't fallen. Experts assess his assessment -- with a focus on what he left out.

From in-house to OPM: A 20-year journey for Michigan State

When a legacy online program started to languish, Michigan State University leaders brought in a corporate provider to boost student enrollment. Will others do the same?

New approaches to discussion boards aim for dynamic online learning experiences

Instructors and students alike are growing tired of the discussion board formula. Innovative approaches point to the potential for more meaningful online learning experiences.


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