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Analysis shows Georgia Tech’s online master's in computer science expanded access

Analysis of Georgia Tech’s MOOC-inspired online master's in computer science suggests that institutions can successfully deliver high-quality, low-cost degrees to students at scale. But will other colleges follow?

Experts offer advice on convincing faculty members to teach online -- or accepting they won't

Some instructors refuse to teach online. Experts weigh in on whether that's OK and how institutions might respond.

Coursera, purveyor of MOOCs, bets big on university degrees

Coursera and other purveyors of massive open online courses supposedly signaled the end of traditional credentials and, as some told it, universities. Now the company is betting big on both.

Advocates develop framework for stewardship of open educational resources

Concerned about commercial publishers profiting from open educational resources, a group of advocates wants organizations and individuals that benefit from OER to think about giving back.

Lessons learned from shuttering of a university's internal digital learning start-up

Closure of Texas System's innovation arm shows that ed-tech start-ups need similar things -- including business models and faculty buy-in -- whether Silicon Valley or a university fund them.

Sentiment analysis allows instructors to shape course content around students' emotions

New software aims to help instructors understand students better, but raises privacy and practicality concerns.

ACT invests in personalized education platform, signaling shift toward being a 'learning company'

Buying a stake in Smart Sparrow, an emergent player in creating adaptive curricular content, ACT expands its footprint -- in a way fully consistent with its mission, its leaders say.

Amazon's high-profile hire from higher education: Candace Thille

Candace Thille, a pioneer in the science of learning, takes a leave from Stanford to help the ambitious retailer better train its workers, with implications that could extend far beyond the company.

New U.S. data show continued growth in college students studying online

New federal data show continued (and accelerating) growth in online course taking in 2016, even as overall college enrollments were flat or falling. Big gainers: Western Governors and Arizona State. Big losers: the big for-profits.

Blackboard gaining back some ground; observers are cautious

Officials say investments in tech support and enhancements have improved the client experience, but observers are cautious about the LMS's future.


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