Digital Learning

Survey of online learning administrators explores governance, outcomes, instructor interaction

Survey of campus strategy leaders categorizes colleges by online intensity and examines issues such as student interaction with instructors, governance and student outcomes.

States and university systems are planning major online initiatives. How many can take off?

Numerous public university systems and state flagships are planning ambitious online endeavors. How many succeed in a competitive marketplace will depend on pricing, execution and leadership.

A university working with 2 online management companies now plans to go it alone

Southern Methodist University works with two online program management companies. For all future online programs, it plans to bring the operations in-house, citing mission and money.

University of Massachusetts to launch online college for adults in state and nationwide

The University of Massachusetts System wants to compete with Southern New Hampshire and Purdue Global. Details on cost and strategy are still trickling in.

Columbia University hosts digital memorial for online professor

The death of a professor who was passionate about online learning prompted colleagues, students and friends to pay tribute to him through the medium he championed.

Students multitask (on things unrelated to course work) more in online settings, study finds

Study finds that even those who are inclined to stray do so less in face-to-face classes -- presumably because instructors and peers are watching. What are the implications for online learning? And is all multitasking bad?

California's online community college finds its leader: Heather Hiles

Heather Hiles, an entrepreneur and Gates Foundation alum, will lead the new institution, launching this fall with competency-based certificate programs for the state's adults.

The high price of online learning at Colorado's rural community colleges

High tuition fees for distance education courses are keeping some community colleges in Colorado afloat. But should rural students pay the price?

Online learning fails to deliver, finds report aimed at discouraging politicians from deregulating

Fully online programs widen achievement gaps and often are unaffordable, says report seeking to discourage politicians from pulling back on federal policy protections.

Purdue prepares online expansion with support from newly acquired for-profit

The Indiana university will expand online with support from the entity formerly known as for-profit Kaplan. Plans reflect debate over how two unlike institutions can (and should) combine strengths.


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