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Coursera expands online courses for health-care professionals

The online course provider launches a slew of programs aimed at health care professionals, but observers wonder if the credentials will stand out in a crowded space.

Competency-based programs offer flexible learning in variety of models

Three online or hybrid CBE programs reflect the diversity of approaches to offering instruction on a flexible timetable, and with a focus on acquiring skills.

Online tool helps readers discern quality, rigor of research studies

Research reports are a dime a dozen, even on an emerging focus area like online education. The Report Reader Checklist, a new tool from the Oregon State University Ecampus Research Unit, aims to help readers separate the rigorous from the shoddy.

This week's digital learning news in 'Inside Higher Ed'

Among the topics: no federal fine for Western Governors; proposal would lift cap on outsourced programs; research on impact of email feedback from professors.

Department of Education rule-making process puts online education under microscope

Definitions of innovative teaching models and expectations for accreditors of new programs are on the agenda as the Department of Education considers changing standards.

Study offers data to show MOOCs didn't achieve their goals

MIT researchers document low retention rates, enrollment declines and general affluence of students to explain why massive open online course providers have largely ditched their original model.

It's up to higher education to keep AI in check (opinion)

Machine learning and artificial intelligence carry inherent risks to colleges and universities and their students -- but only if the people making the decisions fail to exert control over the tools’ influence, Fred Singer argues.

OER adoptions, awareness continue to grow, but many faculty members still hold out

The number of instructors aware of and using OER continues to grow -- but many remain out of the loop. Will the market continue to shift?

Are we seeing early signs of saturation in online academic programs?

Does a small decline in the share of all academic programs that are delivered at a distance suggest that online has peaked?

This week's digital learning news in 'Inside Higher Ed'

Among the topics covered: the DeVos agenda on higher education innovation and regulation; purchase of online university proceeds.


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