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In quest for long-term sustainability, edX tries to monetize MOOCs

Online education provider unveiled plan to monetize its MOOCs, but observers say real opportunity for edX to grow lies in online program management business.

Online Master's Degrees Grow in Popularity

Nearly a third of the students enrolled in master's degree tracks in 2016 reported that their program was entirely online, with 21 percent reporting that they took some (but not all) classes online, according to a new report from the Urban Institute that showed surging interest in master's degrees. Much more detail is available in this Inside Higher Ed article.

Recapping the year in digital learning

A new online institution, a transforming textbook market, shifting landscapes for MOOCs and alternative credentials, increasing interest in mobile, and more. Experts make sense of a convoluted year.

The 'Inside Digital Learning' articles you liked best in 2018

Here are the 10 articles faithful readers of “Inside Digital Learning” read the most this year.

Pulse podcast features discussion with Marci Powell of Virtually Inspired

The latest edition of the Pulse podcast features an interview with Marci Powell, project director of Virtually Inspired.

What research tells us about using technology in the classroom (opinion)

Fans and foes of letting students use laptops and phones in class hold fervent views. Jordan Troisi and Aaron Richmond suggest acting based on research instead -- and offer recommendations.

International meeting on e-learning underscores common trends, challenges

An international conference on elearning raises familiar issues and asks familiar questions.

Institutions look at proportion of online and on-ground enrollment during growth conversations

Some on-ground institutions are close to 50 percent online enrollment. But how important is the proportion?

Spotlight on Innovation: Managing rapid online growth at Texas Tech

A popular online human resources concentration marked an early indication of the potential popularity of distance learning at the institution.

This week's digital learning news in 'Inside Higher Ed'

Among the topics: U.S. to examine online "enablers"; federal aid and alternative providers; autograding run amok; two professors ask: Should we teach online?


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