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Hybrid education a hot topic at AAC&U

The Association of American Colleges & Universities convenes this week in San Francisco for its annual meeting. Hot topics that may be of interest:

Edtech companies raised $1.03 billion in 2016

  • Edtech companies in the United States raised $1.03 billion in venture deals in 2016, down from $1.45 billion in 2015, according to EdSurge. There were 138 deals in 2016, down from 198 deals the year before.

Popularity of MOOCs in China surging

The number of people in China taking massive open online courses has been surging.

New study on time spent online browsing non-class material during class

  • 37 minutes. That’s the average time spent in class by those who browse online for non-class-related materials, according to a new study of students in an introductory psychology course at Michigan State University.

Obama administration offers end-of-term thoughts and shoutouts

Days before the end of the Obama administration, Education Department issues plan for higher education and technology, offering examples, case studies and ideas. What received praise?

Author discusses new book about what MOOCS have taught us

Author discusses his new book that argues that we've learned much about online learning, once you move past the boasts from early proponents.

Survey identifies leaders of colleges' digital learning strategies -- and solicits their views

Survey aims to identify who leads digital learning strategies at colleges and universities -- and what they think.

UC Santa Cruz uses adaptive learning to encourage students to take higher level math courses

UC Santa Cruz finds that follow-up to initial placement testing can move students toward higher level work.

Going beyond teaching by instinct, by embracing learning science (essay)

"Learning science" is becoming a buzzword, but it means experimenting with new approaches and learning from what doesn't work as well as what does, writes Michael Feldstein. And everyone who teaches for a living must do it.


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