Pepperdine law dean Paul Caron, a white man with gray hair wearing black-rimmed glasses.
Oct 03, 2022
Pepperdine law school dean is now speaking openly about his lifelong stutter.

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January 10, 2008
A white law student with disabilities sues because she wasn't allowed back after failing to meet minimum grade requirements -- when she says other students, mainly minorities, were.
October 15, 2007
An Eastern Illinois student with post-traumatic stress disorder was essentially forced out of college after having a flashback in class.
May 17, 2007
Advocacy group offers best practices for campuses dealing with troubled students.
April 4, 2007
Kenneth Kress admits to altering student evaluations of him while at Iowa. His mental state at time of infraction is in question.
March 19, 2007
Texas State agrees to reimburse student with cerebral palsy who only had access to a higher-cost dorm room.
July 31, 2006
U. of Houston lawsuit asks whether professors should have unlimited leeway to reject requests of students with disabilities.
July 19, 2006
Justice Dept. settlement with U. of Chicago may be first of series of accords on college facilities -- 10 other institutions face review.
March 13, 2006
Colleges face legal backlash when they bar students who report suicidal feelings or other serious psychological problems.
November 8, 2005
Medical schools' technical standards complicate the legal picture for the institutions and students alike.
October 5, 2005
Supreme Court case on assisted suicide leaves professors debating when and how their scholarly society should weigh in on policy issues.


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