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Scholars talk about being Black on campus in 2020

Scholars discuss what it’s like to be a Black professor in 2020, who should be doing antiracist work on campus and why diversity interventions that attempt to “fix” Black academics for a rigged game miss the point entirely.

Religious colleges see conflict between Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ rights and their religious liberty

Religious colleges say Supreme Court decision finding that federal antidiscrimination law protects LGBTQ employees could open their policies up to challenge.

Students organize for racial justice on campus and off


Students at Rice University and colleges across the U.S. are seeking ways to leverage the wealth and connections of their universities to combat racial injustice.

Students' admission rescinded in response to racist online speech

Incoming and current college students are being reported to their universities for racist speech on social media related to national discussions on police brutality and racial injustice.

Proposed split of United Methodist Church over LGBT issues is welcomed by Methodist college leaders

A proposed split in the United Methodist Church could be good news for colleges that struggled with whether to retain their church affiliation following the adoption of anti-LGBT policies.

University adds caste to nondiscrimination policy

Brandeis has added caste identity as "a recognized and protected characteristic" in the institution's antidiscrimination policy. The move was made to address caste distinctions among students and faculty members of South Asian descent.

Trump order on anti-Semitism on campuses draws free speech concerns


White House order directs federal agencies to "consider" a controversial definition of anti-Semitism in investigating civil rights complaints at college campuses.

SMU sued for amending governance documents to separate itself from church authority

Church body files suit after Southern Methodist amended its governance documents to separate itself from church authority. The move follows actions by the United Methodist Church to strengthen prohibitions on same-sex marriage.

Professors, colleges and companies struggle to make digital courseware accessible

High-tech instructional materials are gaining popularity with instructors, but they can be problematic for students with disabilities. Colleges and publishers say there’s no easy fix.

For second time this year, judge says University of Iowa violated Christian group's rights


For second time this year, federal court rules that University of Iowa breached group's First Amendment rights by de-registering it. This time, judge says individual administrators could be liable.


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