UNC Chapel Hill still hasn't removed Confederate statue


University of North Carolina board says it lacks power to move controversial Confederate statue. Emails show a Chapel Hill trustee called those protesting the statue "criminals" and "entitled wimps."

Calls for Stanford RA to be fired after he threatens to fight Zionists

A student at Stanford University is under fire for posting that he would "physically fight" Zionists who came onto the campus -- and some are questioning whether the university is taking his words seriously enough.

Pitt moves to rename building of public health school, which honors disgraced scientist


After extensive study, Pitt moves to change name of building that houses its public health program -- a name that currently honors the U.S. surgeon general who oversaw the Tuskegee experiment.

Duke University administrator accused of getting two employees fired in racially tinged incident


After a Duke University administrator complained about rap music being played at a campus coffee shop, two baristas working their shifts were let go, inspiring campus -- and national -- ire.

More money for civil rights office comes as it narrows its investigative work


Department of Education has narrowed scope of civil rights inquiries -- a necessary step, it says, to deliver speedier resolutions to students and colleges. Some criticize changes, especially in light of new funding from Congress to support investigations.

Journal article explains how Russian bots created fear at University of Missouri


Journal article reveals that anger and confusion at University of Missouri in 2015 were due in part to fabricated reports that were part of a disinformation campaign from Russia.

Inspired by Kaepernick and NFL, professors and students protest off the field


As many wonder whether the NFL protest will show up in college football this week, professors and students are taking their own stands. But one university has banned its football team from protests during the national anthem.

Editorial in 'Nature' sets off debate over building names and statues that honor racist scientists


As debate over statues and building names moves from Confederate generals to researchers, editorial in Nature receives intense backlash.

Professors’ op-ed rails against modern culture, ‘inner-city blacks’

Essay by law professors at Penn and San Diego asserts that “all cultures are not equal,” decries modern culture, birth control, “inner-city blacks” and “anti-assimilation” Latino immigrants. Many at Penn are demanding the university speak out.

Experts: College presidents' call for students to avoid white supremacist rallies not always the best


Experts say they understand why university presidents want to keep people away from white supremacist events, but they have a tough sell on campus.


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