Distance education

On YouTube, No Enrollment Caps

University of California at Berkeley expands the public reach of its courses in a new video portal with complete lectures, ready to be streamed.

More Online Enrollments

Some 20 percent of all students took at least one such course last year, but rate of increase is slowing.

Online Education: Tailoring, Measuring and 'Bridging'

As information technology leaders convened for the Educause meetings Thursday in Seattle, they talked about some of the same issues that are attracting attention in higher ed outside of technology circles: links to K-12, making courses more engaging and measuring what students learn.

Legal Education at a Distance

Concord, an online law school, merges with Kaplan and gains aid eligibility; Penn State wins unusual variance from the ABA's strict limits on distance ed.

Learning 2.0

Authors of new book explain how "blended learning" can improve traditional education, when online interactions can be better than lectures and more.

To Cut Textbook Costs, They're Printing Their Own

If a book list is the blueprint for a course, Rio Salado College is about to start from scratch.

Geography Emerges in Distance Ed

New study challenges conventional wisdom that where you live doesn't matter when you are enrolled online.

Open Courses Open Wider

Announced last year, Yale's free online archive of full lectures -- complete with video and transcripts -- begins with seven popular courses.

We Get No Respect -- Well, Maybe a Little

As providers of online education bemoan continued skepticism about their programs, they find some good news in survey of employers' attitudes.

Virtual Path to Diversity

Despite reports of "digital divide," some colleges report notable progress in attracting minority students through online programs.


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