Distance education

Scenes from St. Paul, Day 3

A professor comes to town as a delegate, a college rigs up a remote class from the convention and foreign journalism fellows get their first taste of American political theater.

I'll Take My Lecture to Go, Please

It looks like students can be open-minded after all: When provided with the option to view lectures online, rather than just in person, a full 82 percent of undergraduates kindly offered that they'd be willing to entertain an alternative to showing up to class and paying attention in real time.

A new study released today suggests not only a willingness but a "clear preference" among undergraduates for "lecture capture," the technology that records, streams and stores what happens in the classroom for concurrent or later viewing.

Online Campus, Part II: The Spinoff

University of Illinois proposes seeking independent accreditation for its underperforming Global Campus unit in effort to gain flexibility and expand offerings.

With Students Flocking Online, Will Faculty Follow?

As demand continues to grow, colleges are still mulling how online teaching fits into the scheme of things, with competing models for supporting (and paying) faculty.

As Economy Wavers, Online Enrollments Climb

Annual study finds double-digit gains in online education, in part due to fuel costs, surprising some who predicted the rate would eventually flatten.

Disincentive for Distance Learning

Under new GI Bill, veterans who study solely online won't be eligible for housing allowance that traditional students receive. Is privileging the on-campus experience overly romantic, or smart policy?

Nonprofit Colleges as Takeover Targets

Investors are buying traditional institutions -- but the hurdles, including "cultural risks," are many.

On the Road Again

Distance education program at Chattanooga State Technical Community College reaches for a new constituency: truckers.

Threat to Online Learning -- From New York's Tax Department?

In a move that could prove a harbinger of things to come, a New York agency now contends that a distance education course is subject to state sales tax.

The Information Super-Library

California community college plans certificate curriculum combining traditional Great Books approach with electronic delivery.


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