Distance education

Border Dispute

Online colleges say cumbersome state-by-state approval processes are hurting them -- and America.

Regulation Woes

Online educators convene in Washington to discuss ways to avoid having to apply for approval in every state.

Ferreting Out Financial Aid Fraud

Congressional hearing prompted by U.S. report on for-profit colleges features under cover recordings but, with surprising heft, focuses on underprepared students (at all colleges) and concerns about distance education.

Following in Kaplan's Footsteps

A leading test preparation company, seeking to diversify its revenue streams, decides that instead of just preparing students to attend other colleges, it wants to run its own. So it buys a company that provides career training to adults and has a virtual high school.

Adios to Spanish 101 Classroom

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is moving introductory Spanish courses completely online. Some students are worried, but department officials are not.

Online Education's Great Unknowns


Distance learning has broken into the mainstream of higher education. But at the campus level, many colleges still know precious little about how best to organize online programs, whether those programs are profitable, and how they compare to face-to-face instruction in terms of quality.

That is what Kenneth C. Green, director of the Campus Computing Project, concludes in a study released today in conjunction with the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications.

Online and in Exile

In the first case of its kind, Maryland has barred an online degree program due to its similarity to a classroom-based program at a historically black university.

E-Learning's 'Third Phase'


Though Blackboard's critics have worried the company might monopolize the market for e-learning tools, competition continues to surface -- notably from companies that once were more focused on the administrative side of campus computing.

The New Diagnostics

Some colleges are using learning technology to predict which students will succeed in various courses, who might need help, and who might need to reconsider enrolling.

In Search of the Big Idea

In a day of soul searching at TIAA-CREF's higher ed conference, college leaders wrestle with what lies ahead. A mix of optimism and fear ensues.


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