Distance education

Cal State may turn to virtual labs


The Cal State chancellor's office is looking to break the course bottleneck and, in the process, could change life sciences education by ending in-person lab experience for many non-majors.

Three universities back away from plan to pool courses online


Top-tier universities said in November they would work with 2U for a project known as Semester Online. As this fall’s launch date approaches, several have backed away.


Duke faculty reject plan for it to join online consortium


Vote by professors forces university to withdraw from participation in online credit courses for undergraduates.

The Minerva project plans for different kind of online education


In an era of free online classes, one university wants students to pay to fly across the world to be taught together online, by professors who may not be on campus. Will this model work? 

Bill Bowen's new book on MOOCs and online education

William Bowen, former Princeton president, argues in new book that technology can lower college costs, but there remain more questions than answers.

California bill to encourage MOOC credit at public colleges

California lawmaker wants MOOCs and other online providers to help meet student demand, and will encourage -- and some fear force -- public colleges to accept those credits.

ACE deems 5 massive open courses worthy of credit

American Council on Education puts stamp of approval on Coursera courses from Duke, Penn and UC-Irvine -- none of which would grant credits themselves.

Top-tier universities band together to offer credit-bearing, fully online courses

A consortium of top-tier universities announces fully online, non-MOOC, credit-bearing courses.

First humanities MOOC professors road-test Coursera's peer grading model


As the first humanities MOOCs hit the ground, professors and students contemplate the limitations of Coursera's peer-grading system.

World Education University looks to ride the MOOC wave despite skeptics

World Education University, a company that wants to underwrite "free" degree programs by selling access to student information, exemplifies new wave of higher ed entrepreneurship.


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