Students' postsecondary education arcs affected by parents' college backgrounds, study finds

First-generation college students are less likely to persist and graduate than are children of college-educated parents, a national study finds.

Research suggests that colleges broaden students' political views


Study counters widely held views about how students' political views change when they arrive in college.

University of Alabama may have violated First Amendment by kicking out racist student, experts say


Civil liberties supporters want University of Alabama president to reverse expulsion of student who posted racist rants, saying her First Amendment rights were violated.

How two institutions diversified their faculties without spending big or setting hard targets

Boston College and UC Riverside share how they quickly hired more faculty members from underrepresented minority groups, without relying on hard numerical targets or costly initiatives.

Boston University financial aid change yields sizable increase in Pell-eligible students

Using funds from its endowment to expand financial aid, Boston University notches sizable increase in proportion of its freshmen who come from low-income backgrounds.

Trump administration civil rights officials promise colleges fairer regulatory approach


Trump administration’s top two enforcers of civil rights laws for education promise college lawyers timelier, fairer treatment, but vow no “retreat” on anti-discrimination enforcement.

Is 'identity liberalism,' widespread on college campuses, to blame for Donald Trump's rise?


Is “identity liberalism,” widespread on college campuses, to blame for Donald Trump’s rise? Scholars are divided.

Book argues that faculty members of color going up for tenure are judged by different standard than white peers

New book argues that sometimes faculty members of color going up for tenure are judged by a higher standard than are their white peers.

Suffolk, responding to controversy over treatment of Latina student, to require microaggression training for all professors


Suffolk announces new policy in wake of furor over a Latina student's report about how her instructor doubted her vocabulary.

Research points to crucial role of dual-career programs for recruiting female academics


Study: female academics more likely than male partners to turn down good academic jobs without a good opportunity for male partner -- even when a woman has more stature in academe than her partner does.


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