New study suggests women presidents influence colleges and universities to hire more female faculty members


New study suggests colleges with female presidents are more likely than other institutions to have a greater share of humanities professors who are women.

New book details realities of being a conservative professor of the humanities and social sciences


New book-length study details realties of being a conservative professor in the overwhelmingly progressive humanities and social sciences. While many see bias and periodic slights, many are also succeeding.

New survey effort seeks to uncover real reasons why faculty members leave their jobs


Losing a faculty member always hurts, but many administrators believe they have little control over whether professors move on. A new effort seeks to provide meaningful data.

Iconic ethnic studies college at San Francisco State says it can't pay its bills


Overspending or chronically underfunded? Students and faculty at San Francisco State's College of Ethnic Studies say it already struggles to pay basic bills, but the university wants it to rein in spending.

New book discusses self-stratification among black academics


New book discusses self-stratification among black academics.

Did Baylor U's new provost step down over controversy surrounding a diversity program?

Did Baylor U's new provost step down over faculty objections to his diversity initiative, in particular his plan to hire a chief diversity officer? Does diversity look different at a Christian university?

Job ad at U of Louisville raises questions about considering race in faculty hires

Many colleges want more ethnically and racially diverse faculty members. But should searches be limited to underrepresented groups? One university just tried.

Student activists want more black faculty members. But how realistic are some of their goals?


Student protesters on a number of campuses want to see many more black faculty members. But how realistic are some of their goals?

U of Kansas chancellor hosts listening session on race but students want more than another conversation

Leaders of U of Kansas, trying to avoid becoming the next U of Missouri, hold intense, lengthy meeting with hundreds of minority students. Can the university deliver what they want?

Incident at Mount Holyoke renews debate on talking about race in classrooms

A professor at Mount Holyoke asked his students to name slurs that might have been used against groups of which they are members. The college helped seven students switch sections, but now one student has gone public with the incident.


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