Study finds women in economics write papers that are more readable, but face longer publication delays

Female economists write papers that are more readable than those produced by their male counterparts but take significantly longer to get published, study finds.

Study finds women don't get same credit men do for co-authored papers


Study of economics faculty members finds that men get credit where women do not.

Hiring of economics Ph.D.s appears strong as 2017 starts

While Ph.D.s in many fields face a tight job market, economics is thriving.

New study finds that women who are not considered attractive receive lower grades

Study finds that attractive female students earn higher grades than unattractive female students do. For male students, looks don't seem to matter.

Report finds increase in job openings for economics Ph.D.s

Field sees increases that not only restore levels from before the economic downturn, but far exceed them.

Roosevelt U class's rap video challenges George Mason's Hayek fan videos

George Mason economics professor has won many fans with playful videos, but a Roosevelt U professor and his students have produced a response -- and fans of the Austrian school may need to cover their ears.

Editor discusses new collection of essays on the importance of the social sciences

Editor discusses new volume on the importance of key disciplines to solving key societal problems.

Job openings for economics Ph.D.s are up

Discipline bounces back with a 9.4% increase in openings -- continuing a trend of better news for social science Ph.D.s than for humanities Ph.D.s.

Study says research output for overwhelming majority of economics Ph.D.s is low

Study says research productivity among recent Ph.D.s drops off precipitously for all but the top-performing graduates, especially of the high-ranked departments. Why? 

Survey finds that some European economists admit to unethical behavior


Survey of European economists finds that some of them fabricate data or trade sex for promotion or co-authorship.


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