Economy of Research

Caroline Hoxby, an economist at Harvard, answers the call for higher standards in education research.

Help for the Minor Majors

Princeton is finding ways to get more students to study what they love, not what everyone else is studying.

Losing Their Edge?

Study suggests that Internet may have eliminated link between working at an elite university and doing the best research.

Putting That Science Degree to Work

Science and engineering students appreciate their degrees even decades later.

State Funds and Student Success

Collision of declining support for public colleges and growth in enrollments negatively affects graduation rates, report warns.

Uncertain Outcome for Accused Harvard Scholar

University ends its ethics inquiry into Andrei Shleifer, who was charged with defrauding U.S. But was he punished?

Reaching Out at Hamilton

College at center of Ward Churchill debate starts center on freedom and capitalism -- and faces concerns over governance.

The Dismal and Unwelcome Science?

Economics group, under fire for spiking job notices explicitly welcoming female or minority applicants, will consider change in policy.

Where the Social Science Jobs Are

Sociologists find that their retirement and unemployment rates are up, relative to other disciplines. Political science jobs show uptick.

Remedial Recruiting -- at Harvard

Econ department thought it had perfect video to attract Ph.D. students. Current students thought otherwise -- and shared views on YouTube.


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