Arguing Against Free-Market Plagiarism Prevention

Economist's surveys suggest that profession's laissez faire system of fighting scholarly cheating fails if breaches don't get reported or punished.

Economists on Higher Ed

Papers at annual meeting explore assessment, student aid, course sequence and the role of community colleges.

The Econ Major's Marginal Utility

Given the many and conflicting reasons why students choose their majors -- they liked an introductory course, it leads to well-paying jobs, it's something they're interested in, their parents made them do it -- it's understandably difficult to pinpoint how they truly feel about their area of concentration.

A (Slight) Name Change for Milton Friedman Institute

U. of Chicago hopes specifying a research focus will calm a controversy, and while some aren't fully on board, there are signs of lessening tension.

Do Econ Grad Students Need a Teaching Bailout?

Relatively few doctoral programs require for-credit courses on how to lead a class, a study finds -- while another finds most new Ph.D.’s still feel prepared.

Ignorance About 'Stop the Clock' Policies

The best of colleges' "family friendly" policies may be profoundly unfriendly if you tell new parents about them, but not other key people -- such as those who evaluate those new parents for tenure.

Consumption and Happiness

Amherst professor teaches students to think about the link between the two and argues learning about it is as important as basic financial literacy.

What Does a Degree Cost?

That depends largely on how you frame the question, says a new study -- which provides some intriguing answers nonetheless.

Cruel Irony

In response to a terrible economic downturn, the University of Southern Mississippi may eliminate its economics department and the professors within it.

'Research Confidential'

For social scientists starting their careers, creating research models that work is crucial. A new book suggests that they may be unaware of problems they face in part because scholars don't share stories of what didn't work on their projects, and how to deal with particular challenges.


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