The Insecurity of Higher Ed Research

Scholars of higher education debate relevance of their work, even as annual meeting features scores of compelling studies.

Proof That Mentoring Matters

Study of economists -- complete with control group -- shows impact of coaching women on the process or getting published and winning grants.

Role Models and Stereotypes

Study both backs up and challenges conventional wisdom about whether presence of female faculty members influences female students' choice of major.

No Entry

Job crisis broadens. After MLA reports collapsing market for language professors, history and economics groups reveal huge drops in faculty positions.

The Back-Up Plan

Many a successful journal article is published not in the publication where the author first submitted, but in another one, following rejection from the first. This trickle-down publication process helps get work reviewed and disseminated, but it also means long waits for authors, who can’t start the process with a second journal until they have been rejected by or withdrawn a submission from the first.

Job Satisfaction and Gender

Numerous studies have pointed to a gap in job satisfaction between men and women in academe, with men generally happier with working conditions.

The Academy That Didn't Go Away

Two years ago, it appeared that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign had resolved a conflict with faculty leaders over the Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government.

'The Global Auction'

College and university presidents in the United States and elsewhere regularly link the need for a higher education to individual and national needs for economic advancement. What if their underlying assumptions aren't true? Three social scientists from British universities challenge many of those assumptions in The Global Auction: The Broken Promises of Education, Jobs and Incomes, just published by Oxford University Press.

Job Freefall, Job Recovery

Open positions in history suffer another sharp decline, while searches in economics see a strong rebound.

A New Econ Core

Do the common courses taken by doctoral students need more relevance and creativity?


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