Omnibus spending package boosts student aid while restricting DeVos priorities

Budget bill would increase size of maximum Pell Grant by $175, add $3 billion to NIH and preserve humanities endowment.


Mass shooting in Las Vegas leads to renewed calls to lift limits on studying gun violence

Mass shooting in Las Vegas is latest incident to raise question of why federal agencies avoid studies that might illuminate policy.


Obama administration seeks to cut off some aid to poorly performing teacher prep programs

Obama administration's proposed regulation would cut off TEACH Grant eligibility to poorly performing programs at colleges and universities.

Arne Duncan

NC law that ends pay raises for teachers with master's degrees a blow to college finances

Elimination of pay raises for teachers' master’s degrees in North Carolina could have major impact on budgets of education schools and their universities.

Colorado College's education major challenges whether disciplines still define the liberal arts

New education major at Colorado College, a thriving liberal arts college, challenges whether sector should still be defined by traditional disciplines.


The country’s oldest Ed.D. program will close down

Harvard decides its doctorate in education will be a Ph.D. Does the shift raise broader questions about the degree the university is ending?

Obama administration continues push to change teachers colleges

The Obama administration is pushing education colleges to be more selective, but some argue that recruiting the "best and the brightest" isn't the solution to producing better teachers.

Competency-based teacher education program receives state approval

First announced in 2015, the competency-based graduate program will accept students next fall.


Every doctoral student should take a course in higher education (essay)

The benefits for every doctoral student of taking a course in higher education would be manifold and far-reaching, writes David Thiele.

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On campus, voting behavior varies widely across college majors, regions

On college campuses, voter turnout is low. But voting behavior varies widely across disciplines and regions, a new study finds.



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