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Researchers download federal data amid concerns over future access

Some education researchers have begun downloading federal data amid questions about the new administration's commitment to continuing transparency efforts.

Committee to vote on DeVos as critics question her readiness for job

The Senate education committee is set to vote today on the nomination of Betsy DeVos in an unusually contentious confirmation process for an education secretary.

Consumer protection bureau, two states sue student loan servicer Navient

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and two states sue Navient, the nation’s largest student loan servicer, for allegedly creating obstacles to repayment.

Wage data's value in higher education are limited by geography and selectivity, study finds

New study dumps cold water on the value of wage data to prospective students who are place bound and headed to less-selective colleges.

Activists and borrowers call on Obama administration to provide debt relief to defrauded students

Education Department officials say they will work through Jan. 20 to review claims of defrauded students, but borrowers and advocates call for more urgency.

Longstanding Arabic language program loses federal funding

Loss of federal funding for highly regarded program has one scholar asking, “What’s our strategy here?”

Education Department's historic sanction against Penn State for Clery violations, Sandusky's abuse

Identifying a football culture that protected athletes and officials, the Education Department will fine Penn State U nearly $2.4 million for failing to notify students about assistant coach charged with sex abuse and for failing to disclose other campus crimes.

DeVry settles job placement claims with U.S. Education Department

Settlement between for-profit university and Education Department resolves charges over unsubstantiated advertising about job placement, but Federal Trade Commission lawsuit over same claims remains.

Hundreds of colleges, many for-profits, seek a new accreditor

National accreditor ACCSC gets inquiries from nearly 300 colleges overseen by ACICS, most of them for-profits. Critics of accreditors will be watching as the agency reviews the flood of applications.

Century Foundation says guarantee agencies have lost their way

Guarantee agencies have fallen away from their public missions, says the Century Foundation, which called on the feds to push for the agencies’ $5 billion in assets to be spent helping struggling student borrowers.


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