Election 2016

Clinton campaign taps 2 prominent for-profit critics


Two Obama administration veterans are now advising Hillary Clinton's campaign, suggesting that as president she would continue aggressive enforcement policies of the current Education Department.

College debt, affordability on minds of Democrats at convention


Speech after speech discusses student debt -- and praises the Clinton plan (based in part on Sanders plan) for college affordability.

Liberty U's Falwell takes Cleveland stage in support of Trump


On the eve of his prime-time speech at the GOP convention, Liberty U president discusses political advocacy in higher education and how Donald Trump is seeking to encourage more of it.

Wright State U drops presidential debate while some Cleveland campuses take precautions


Presidential election events become riskier proposition for colleges amid rising security concerns and financial costs.

Clinton proposes tuition-free public higher education for families with incomes up to $125,000


In bid to snag her Democratic opponent's supporters, presumptive nominee adapts previous college plan by embracing free public college tuition for those with incomes up to $125,000.

Clinton, Trump see different responses from alma maters


While Wellesley College points with pride to alumna Hillary Clinton, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania stays largely silent about alumnus Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton's ties to for-profit education companies

Hillary Clinton pledges to outdo the Obama administration in cracking down on for-profits. But will her ties to the industry, including the $16.5 million Bill Clinton earned working for Laureate Education, influence her approach?

What does Trump University show about state regulation of for-profit schools?


State regulators, not the federal government, were in the best position to crack down on Donald Trump's now-defunct educational venture, which has become a hot campaign issue.

Higher Education Act overhaul a long shot for this election year

Lawmakers and observers alike are skeptical that the Higher Education Act will be renewed this year.

As he takes on traditional higher education, Rubio runs on policy wonkery


In the Senate, Marco Rubio delved into the weeds of higher education policy. Now he’s taking his reform push out on the campaign trail, where he is the lone GOP candidate talking about higher ed.


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