Election 2020

Today is Election Day, and voters will decide who is presidents, who controls Congress, gubernatorial and state races.

If President Trump is re-elected, voters can expect more attacks on the most prestigious colleges and universities – and possibly a range of other ideas promoted by Republicans.

If Joe Biden is elected, voters can expect a more aggressive Education Department than existed under President Obama.

On science, Biden has promised more money and to pay attention to scientists.

On diversity, Biden would likely cancel an executive order by President Trump.

We’ll also be tracking what happen to Congress.

In the states, we’ll have coverage of the outcome of governor’s races and ballot measures, including the California measure that would restore affirmative action.

Uncertainty over Senate control and higher education

The battle for control of the Senate appears headed to two runoff elections in Georgia, with ramifications for higher education.


What Biden presidency could bring for higher education

President-elect has vowed to spend much more. The vice president-elect is an HBCU graduate and supporter. The next first lady is a community college instructor.


Results for bonds and new revenue for community colleges

Education in Maryland and Colorado could get a financial boost from voters' decisions, but California's community colleges lose out.


Analysis sheds first light on youth voting trends

Analysis finds voters under age 30 preferred Biden over all, with young people of color voting for him by the largest margins. Young white men preferred Trump.


California voters reject measure to restore affirmative action at public universities

California voters are rejecting a proposal to restore affirmative action at the state's public colleges and universities.

Voters decide measures to change higher ed boards in two states

Voters in North Dakota rejected a measure to increase the size of the state's higher education governing board, but the fate of a measure to change Nevada's board was up in the air.


A look at the stakes for science in the presidential election

Experts see a sharp contrast between Trump and Biden when it comes to investments in federal research funding and respect for science itself.


What a second Trump term would bring higher education

There are Republican ideas to pursue, but most say they don't know what to expect -- except for more attacks on elite institutions.


HBCUs hail Harris as 'one of our own'

Howard graduate Kamala Harris's selection as Joe Biden's running mate is being seen as groundbreaking not only for Blacks and women, but for historically Black colleges.


Bloomberg proposal renews debate over legacy admissions

Michael Bloomberg's higher education plan and controversial remarks by Northwestern's president have renewed scrutiny of colleges giving children of alumni preferential treatment in admissions.


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