Colleges faced with whether to increase endowment spending as finances grow more dire

As colleges work to balance budgets amid growing economic uncertainty, the wealthiest are faced with a recurring question: Should they tap more heavily into their endowments or leave them alone?

Under pressure from Trump administration, wealthy colleges forgo stimulus funds

Facing criticism from the president and a warning from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Princeton, Stanford and -- eventually -- Harvard say they won't take millions in stimulus funds to help their needy students.

The wealthiest universities are paying big endowment tax bills, but how much are others who are on the hook paying?

Colleges and universities generally aren't happy about the endowment tax, but many are paying less than the tens of millions of dollars reported by the country's wealthiest universities, a review finds. And even those ultrawealthy universities might end up paying substantially less.

Endowment returns' 10-year average rises, but leaders see clouds on the horizon

A 5.3 percent rate of return in 2019 helped 10-year averages rise, but experts warn that earnings are unlikely to be as strong in the future.

Fiduciaries should know fossil fuel investment returns data are mixed, new working paper says

Working paper finds endowment managers shouldn't ignore divestment calls solely because of fears about falling returns.

College endowments returned 8.2 percent in 2018; annual survey adds some insight into how funds are spent

Returns fell by a third in 2018 but were still positive, according to survey. Questions rise over how wealthy and poor institutions are spending diverging gains. Plus list of the largest endowments.

A year after tax law changes, new guidance still rolling out for colleges

Colleges have more information about complying with the new tax law than they did a year ago. That means new bookkeeping practices, new taxes on highly paid employees and, maybe, eliminating reserved parking spaces.

Close ties between University of Michigan’s investments and donors draw scrutiny and criticism

University's endowment has grown. Should funds be invested with those who are also major donors?

Pressure mounts on colleges' ties to the firearms industry

St. Thomas in Florida forces out CFO who was on gun company's board as renewed focus on firearm investments has colleges quietly checking their portfolios.

Dozens more colleges will pay endowment taxes if growth rates continue

The number of institutions subject to the newly enacted tax could grow by dozens in future years.


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