Job market is tight in many humanities fields, but healthy in economics

Market looks tight and getting worse for job seekers in English, foreign languages, history and philosophy. But a major social science field -- economics -- is doing a lot of hiring.

With writing, study finds, quality of assignment and instruction -- not quantity -- matters

New study suggests that when it comes to writing assignments and instruction, quality -- not quantity -- matters most.

Writing teachers talk teaching students about 'white privilege' at composition instructors' meeting

Writing instructors at Conference on College Composition and Communication talk about teaching about racism and white privilege -- and the political and career risks they face for doing so.

Where have all the English majors gone?


English departments at U. of Maryland and elsewhere respond to drop-offs -- some of them steep -- in English majors. 

Another decline in jobs in English and foreign languages

Annual study by MLA finds declines in jobs in English and foreign languages.

Survey finds stability in humanities departments

Survey finds departments and numbers of faculty positions more stable than is widely assumed, and policies on use of digital materials for promotion absent from most institutions.

Reading Apprenticeship Program helps instructors across disciplines teach reading

Community college instructors across disciplines can teach reading comprehension, thanks to an expanding training program that is winning believers.

Oak Ridge calls off Southern accent 'reduction' class


Amid criticism from employees, Oak Ridge National Laboratory calls off voluntary Southern accent "reduction" class.

Video highlights Arizona State police arrest of black professor that critics see as racial profiling

Video showing Arizona State police arrest of a faculty member stemming from jaywalking incident provokes outrage.

MLA Delegate Assembly narrowly votes to criticize Israel


MLA Delegate Assembly narrowly approves controversial measure criticizing Israeli decisions on travel of scholars to the country and the West Bank. Should the meeting have been chaired by someone who backs boycott of Israel?


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