Choose Your Own Freshman Comp

City College of New York ditches general writing courses for weightier discipline-specific writing courses team taught by upper-level professors and writing instructors.

Disappearing Jobs

MLA reports 21% drop in positions in English and foreign languages -- steepest decline in 34 years association has collected openings. Percentage of English jobs on tenure track falls.

Translation Takes Center Stage

MLA's president, a scholar of French and a translator, discusses trends that will be explored at the association's annual meeting.

MLAde Is Back -- Now on Twitter

Now annual parody of Modern Language Association -- like the group itself -- switches formats and focuses on job woes.

Economic Literary Realities

Crisis today should lead to reevaluation of some works about previous downturns, and a renewed focus on financial issues in literature, scholars argue.

What Direction for Rhet-Comp?

Has field become too enamored of theory or "agency" or new media or writing about writing -- as opposed to its roots? Has "drive-by Foucault" replaced political and philosophical thought?

Economics and the MLA

Language professors call for all faculty members, including part-timers, to be eligible for tenure and to receive "a living wage." Association avoids vote on Ward Churchill.

MLA Meeting That 'Never Was Nor Will Be'

The "MLA 2010 Mankini" is one of the creations for the Modern Language Association meeting that "never was nor will be."

The association's December 2009 meeting was the last one to be held between Christmas and New Year's Day. The MLA doesn't reconvene until January 2011 in Los Angeles, leaving 2010 as the year without an MLA meeting. Horrors!

Some unknown scholars have created an MLA 2010 Web page that clearly differentiates it from most of those at the real meetings with these three bullets:

Small Grants, Lots of Goodwill

U. of South Carolina's top two administrators, from engineering and public health, start program to offer funds to playwrights, musicians, big dreamers.

State of Humanities Departments

Major study documents reliance on those off the tenure track, the favorable ratios of tenure decisions, the dominance of publications in those decisions, the popularity of minors and majors, and more.


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