Speakers at MLA generally are skeptical of idea of shrinking Ph.D. programs

Speakers at MLA meeting endorse many reforms of graduate education, but object to the idea that Ph.D. programs should shrink.

At MLA event and counter-event, debate over the Israel boycott


At separate events at separate hotels, MLA panelists discuss the Israel boycott movement and academic freedom. Only those who attended both sessions heard divergent views.

Debate over panel at MLA raises issue of when balance matters

Pro-Israel groups question why speakers at an MLA session on the Israel boycott all appear to favor it. Some of those speakers say there is nothing wrong with organizing a session that way.

Email to job candidates renews debate about conference interviewing

Is it O.K. for a search committee to tell job candidates on January 3 that they do or do not have interviews at a disciplinary meeting that starts January 9?

Council of American Studies Association backs boycott of Israeli universities


Council of American Studies Association endorses plan to cut ties to Israeli universities and urges its members to vote for such a move.

MLA sees decline in job listings in English and languages


MLA's annual jobs report shows dips in hiring for both English and foreign languages.

Humanities doctoral programs show unexpected boost in new students

New graduate enrollments show modest increases overall, but doctoral programs in the humanities -- where the academic job market remains tough -- are showing larger gains.

University of Colorado plan to survey political climate draws mixed reactions

University of Colorado board votes to survey state of political diversity, with focus on Boulder campus. Will the responses help anyone?

Author discusses her book on jobs for humanities Ph.D.s

Author discusses her new book on a topic that has become more difficult but no less important during the pandemic.

Active learning? Sure. But don't give up on literacy-based learning (opinion)

In the push for active and learner-oriented instruction, let’s not abandon classic methods of reading, writing and lecturing, Matt Ayars argues.


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