College enrollments continue to drop this fall

Experts hoped college enrollments would rebound this fall. New data show that while selective institutions have seen their numbers recover, most others continue to struggle.


Community college enrollments worry campus leaders

Enrollment rates at community colleges continue to plummet across the country as administrators seek solutions to stanch the outward flow of students.


Bloomfield College seeks a partner to avoid shutting down

In an interview, President Marcheta P. Evans discusses why the 153-year-old minority-serving private college needs a philanthropic partner. Experts say it’s a risky strategy -- but it just might work.


Foundation provides millions for equity in the liberal arts

The Schuler Education Foundation plans to give $500 million to up to 25 liberal arts colleges -- including Bates, Carleton and Union -- to expand access for underserved students.


New federal data confirm enrollment declines


New preliminary data on fall 2020 from the U.S. Department of Education confirm declines in enrollment and retention.


St. John's College shows a tuition reset can work

St. John’s College is getting closer to raising the money it needs to sustain a $17,000 tuition decrease the college made three years ago.


Final spring enrollment numbers show largest decline in a decade

Community colleges continued to see the largest enrollment declines this fall, with 9.5 percent fewer students enrolled. Experts say two-year colleges have focused on retaining existing students this year.


Adult learners flood Michigan Reconnect program

State officials in Michigan expected a big response when they launched a free college program for adults earlier this year. They got lots of takers, all right -- 67,000 and counting.


Spring brings even steeper enrollment declines

If campus leaders thought fall 2020 enrollment declines were bad, spring's enrollment drops are even worse, especially for community colleges.


Will free summer classes and scholarships bring students back to community colleges?

Desperate to slow the steep decline of entering students, community colleges are getting creative and offering scholarships, complimentary laptops and free summer courses to high school graduates who enroll.



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