How new scholarship programs saved UT Austin's Pell enrollment

The Texas flagship university is seeing an increase in low-income enrollment at a time when many higher education experts are worried that the most vulnerable students are putting their educations on hold.

Enrollment declines continue, National Student Clearinghouse finds

Undergraduate enrollment is still down across higher education, according to the latest National Student Clearinghouse report. Black and Hispanic enrollment in community colleges is still down more than white and Asian enrollment.

Transfer enrollment is down, too, Clearinghouse report finds

The bad news from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center about college enrollments continues.

Worrying enrollment trends continue, Clearinghouse report shows

Several concerning enrollment trends are holding strong as the latest, and more comprehensive, data show. Experts and advocates are particularly worried about community colleges.

Inequity in college access continues for Black, Latinx students, report finds

An examination of the most selective public universities in the country found that representation of students of color has seen few -- if any -- improvements since 2000.

Budget 'Bloodbath' at University of Akron


Governing board votes to eliminate 97 full-time faculty positions.

National Student Clearinghouse data reveal stable enrollment in spring

Spring campus closures and the shift to remote learning did not have a major negative impact on student enrollments, finds the National Student Clearinghouse. But racial gaps emerge.

Community college looks abroad and to faith groups to boost enrollment

Community college in New York is betting on partnerships with other countries and local faith organizations to increase its sagging enrollment.

Higher ed shrinks: number of colleges falls to lowest point in two decades

Number of U.S. colleges and universities that award federal financial aid fell by 5.6 percent in 2018-19, to lowest mark in two decades.

Marygrove College in Detroit announces plans to close amid continuing enrollment declines


Small Roman Catholic college in Detroit announces plans to close just a few semesters after pivoting to offer only graduate programs.


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