Fostering Higher Education Success

A report focuses on the college prospects of an underexamined group: those who’ve aged out of foster care.

Disappearing Students

California community colleges estimate that tuition increases translated into an enrollment loss of 300,000.

Aiding First-Generation Students

Freshman survey data suggest challenges in easing way for students whose parents did not attend college.

On the Chopping Block Again

Administration again goes after programs preparing low-income students for college -- leaving educators puzzled and angry.

The Value of Enrollment Targets

Most states don't have solid goals -- and that makes it harder to identify problems, report says.

Putting Academics First

Allen U. decides to drop football to focus its resources on more central priorities.

Homework: Get Accepted to College

The application process is becoming a requirement for high school graduation in some Texas districts, with encouraging results. 

$27 Million for Community College Pipeline

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and 8 colleges unveil plan to assist low-income students at 2-year institutions.

Latino Students and Colleges

Number of Hispanic-serving institutions increased 80 percent in 8 years.

Heading South

Many Rust Belt states see students migrating out, generally to the Sun Belt, federal study finds. Should policy makers care?


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