Courses About and for Black Men

Community colleges, worried about enrollment and retention, mix classroom and mentor experiences to boost the numbers.

'Tearing Down the Gates'

In a mix of individual students' stories and demographic analysis, a new book by Peter Sacks offers a critical analysis of the role of colleges in the class structure of the United States. Tearing Down the Gates: Confronting the Class Divide in American Education is being published this month by the University of California Press. The book urges colleges to pay much more attention to issues of class, and to breaking down class barriers.

Programming with Pictures

User-friendly, 3-D animation software catches on in intro computer science courses as concerns about plummeting enrollments continue.

Looking for Male Students

A college with 60 percent female enrollments looks for ways to narrow the gender gap.

The Prospective (Foreign) Student

Survey results shed light on priorities and preferences of potential international students as international education conference begins.

Trends for the First in the Family

Report offers portrait of first-generation college students, including desire to achieve financial security and lost ground for African Americans.

New Hope for College on the Brink

Financially strapped LeMoyne-Owen College gets three-year gift from Memphis City Council, but some wonder if it's a good investment.

Admitted -- to College and Grad School

To attack STEM shortage, CUNY chancellor proposes accepting promising freshmen into Ph.D. programs in science and math.

St. Andrews Faces Accreditation Loss

Southern association moves to revoke small North Carolina college's approval and places four others on probation.

2 Kinds of Part-Time Students

New analysis suggests that a significant subset of them are quite similar to full-time students.


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