A Tale of Two Cities

Dissecting fall enrollments in Pittsburgh and Dallas, we find that public colleges boomed and independent institutions mostly held on, thanks to rising tide (and more merit aid).

Defining the Enrollment Boom

New study documents extent of the gains at community colleges, which are seeing particularly large increases in full-time students.

The Men Are Back

Community colleges, many of which have become increasingly female in recent years, are seeing males either outpace or equal females in enrollment increases.

Flogging the Flagships

Despite well-publicized expansions of aid, public research universities have made too little progress in expanding representation of low-income and minority students, report asserts.

Freshmen Abandon Business

Amid recession, incoming students find field of study less appealing than ever, according to national survey.

Gender Gap Stops Growing

New analysis suggests that -- except for Latinos -- the decline in male enrollment rates has leveled off.

The Private Role in the 2020 Goals

2 groups of independent colleges announce new efforts to identify ways to enroll and graduate more low-income students.

The 'Prior Learning' Edge

With the number of high school-aged Americans beginning to ebb, President Obama's goal of dramatically increasing the number of U.S. citizens with postsecondary credentials is going to be impossible to achieve without significantly more adults returning to and graduating from college.

Express Lane to a B.A.

A year after politicians and pundits started talking about three-year degrees, more colleges are starting programs or considering them.

Aim High Without Fear

New research discounts idea that those who aspire to a college degree and fail to attain one will suffer psychological damage.


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