Colleges discounting tuition to attract students during the summer

To try to increase enrollment during the summer -- to boost graduation rates and revenue -- some colleges are discounting tuition and offering other perks. In most cases, the strategy has shown little payoff.

'Audit' at Monroe Community College finds officials were over-communicating with students

Ever wonder why students ignore important messages? One college figured out that less may be more when it comes to communication.

Data show increasing pace of college enrollment declines

Colleges enrolled 2.3 percent fewer students this spring than last, a steeper drop than the 1.8 percent decline reported by the National Student Clearinghouse for the fall.

History department chairs talk challenges at conference

Department heads discuss hardships facing the discipline and the way ahead during the American Historical Association's annual meeting.

Fall 2012 college enrollments fell by 1.8%

Enrollments dipped 1.8 percent in fall 2012, with biggest drops at for-profit and community colleges, National Student Clearinghouse data show.

Enrollments fall for first time in 15 years

The number of students enrolled in U.S. colleges declines in 2011, the first such drop in at least 15 years. For-profit colleges lose the most.

Survey examines how prospective students use social media to research colleges

Survey shows that prospective students use Facebook more than any other network to research colleges, and they're looking primarily to interact with current students and admissions officers.

Saint Benedict sees revenue grow while shrinking enrollment

Saint Benedict decreased enrollment to shore up its finances, an unusual move at a time when many small colleges are considering growth.

U.S. data show rate of enrollment growth slowing in 2009-10

Federal data show number of students in college rose by 3% in fall 2010, less than half as much as in 2009. Gender gap shrinks; for-profit colleges enrolled 11.3% of students.

Rasmussen College Proves Bigger Isn't Always Better

With a focus on job training and steady growth, Rasmussen College may look more like a local college than a for-profit


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