Who They Are and Where They're Going

As enrollments at American colleges continue to soar, vaulting past the 17 million mark in fall 2002, students grow ever more likely to be black or Hispanic and female and to attend community colleges or for-profit institutions, according to the latest statistics from the U.S. Education Department.

A Covenant With Students

Chapel Hill starts to see success with its program to enroll those at the lowest income levels.

The Spread of Dual Enrollment

More than half of all colleges now have high school students taking courses.

At Capacity

Community college leaders gather amid concern about their ability to meet enrollment demands.

Are B-Schools Up or Down?

A Business Week study suggests MBA programs are in trouble, but another survey says that these are great times to be a new graduate.

Expanding Access Via Distance Ed

Enrollments have boomed in an experimental federal program. But does that mean financial aid rules should be eased for online providers?

The Road Too Little Traveled

A new program to ease the transfer of community college students to elite institutions is on the horizon.

From Community Colleges to the Elites

Three foundations are starting a major effort to help low income students move from two-year institutions to top universities.

Road Not Taken on Pell Grants

GAO analysis of change in aid formula finds that approaches other than that used by the Bush administration would have hurt far fewer students.

Major Quotas

Florida board moves toward requiring specific percentages of undergraduates to specialize in certain areas that the state needs.


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